Why G3C?


At G3C, we LOVE construction, and we believe that "a rising tide lifts all boats." Collaboration and a willingness to strive for continuous improvement are key to finding and implementing the innovations that will take the construction industry through the 21st century, and beyond. We want to work with organizations that are seeking better, safer, more efficient ways to plan and perform on construction projects; open-minded owners & contractors that understand the importance of a fully-engaged and valued team, working together to reach a common goal.


Leverage G3C's project management experience to enhance your construction experience.

Professional Writing

Strengthen your organization's image with accurate, well-written proposals, newsletters, websites, and blogs.

Featured Services

Safety Services

Training & auditing - Let G3C supplement your efforts to keep your people safe, and keep your projects in compliance.

Lean Construction

Training, coaching & facilitation - Give your teams the tools & support they need to lead premier construction projects.